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January, 2023
Here's to a New Year and better times ahead...
We really enjoyed the New Year's Eve party at Red's Cellar Door and Bistro, I even stayed up past midnight to ring in the new year!
January was a bit quiet for us, but we will turn it up in the next month.
Mary & I took a short trip to Cottonwood for a wine pickup at Page Springs Winery. We drove through quite a lot of snow, since we went over the mountain and through Jerome.
I also passed my FCC General Ham Radio License exam this month, upgrading me from Technician level. I plan on volunteering for the county as an emergency HF radio operator during emergencies.
We also enjoyed our monthly trip to Las Vegas by staying at the Flamingo and having an awesome dinner at Flemings Steak House, I highly recommend it - the service and food was awesome.

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