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June, 2022
This month was another active travel period for us.
We finished up our Cabo San Lucas trip the first of this month but still had time to venture out.
We enjoyed our normal monthly stay in Las Vegas with a great dinner at Del Frisco's Double Eagle.
We also took an extra trip to Phoenix to get Mary's eBike tuned up.
Then we ended the month with a visit by our granddaughter so there was a bit of pool time involved.

May, 2022
What a blur this month was, lots of travel and very little time spent at home in Kingman.
We started the month out with our monthly trip to Las Vegas, staying at Bally's with a great dinner at Craftsteak at the MGM Grand.
The second week we drove over to Cottonwood for wine tasting and general tourist stuff, since we didn't get to visit the area as much last month.
The third week we spent 4 days in Salt Lake City. The downtown area was very interesting, especially around Temple Square.
We also rented a car for side trips to Promontory Point (Golden Spike Historical Park), Antelope Island (awesome views of the Great Salt Lake), and Park City.
The fourth week we stayed in the RV down near Phoenix for some final repairs and visiting the family.
Then the last week we vacationed in Cabo San Lucas for 4 nights at the Riu Santa Fe resort, one of the best vacations in a long time.
We are going to slow down a little bit in June but still have a couple of trips planned.

April, 2022
We started taking a few more trips this month, especially in the new RV.
This month included a trip to Las Vegas and a tour of the Street Rods museum, a 2 night stay in Davis Camp in Bullhead City, AZ for a Blues Festival, and a few other short trips.
We are finally getting to use the RV a bit more now that some of the warranty repairs have been completed, much better than when we first bought it.
A lot more travel is scheduled for May, more to come on that.
Seems like Spring is having a hard time arriving, since our weather has been going back and forth from warm to cold (including a couple of days with major wind), but I prefer that to the heat of summer so we'll enjoy it while we can.

Spring has Sprung?!?
March weather here made strides to distance itself from winter and by the end of the month we had mild success.
We took a trip to Las Vegas and stayed at the Paris Hotel and Casino, what a great venue.
We had dinner one night at The Steakhouse at the Circus Circus, what a mistake - stay clear of this place.  The food and drink is way overpriced and the cooks can't even properly prepare a premium steak.
We also took the RV down to Phoenix for a couple of nights for warranty repairs.  3rd time is the charm they say, and that's how it was for us.  A little frustrating but we have the majority of the problems resolved.
We're going to be quite busy in April, can't wait for a number of the trips we have planned.

In to February:
Not much to report for the 2nd month of the year.
It's been a typical winter here in the desert, cold.
Jim ended up spending the night in Phoenix, state Jury Duty (only to be dismissed).
One trip to Las Vegas and a couple stay overs in Laughlin.
Let's see if March brings us more activity :-)

End of January:
We picked up our new RV in January and enjoyed it's first dry camping experience (no power, water, etc) at Quartzite, Az. Quartzite is a very interesting place, situated halfway between Lake Havasu City and Yuma, AZ.
During the summer it is desolate and empty but in the winter all the snowbirds flock to this area (about 25,000 of them). There is an RV show one week, rock and gem show, swap meet, etc.
We really enjoyed the time, but had to cut it short since our fresh water pump stopped pumping (so we headed home one day early, waiting on warranty repair).
It was a very enjoyable 3 days, we ended up touring the territorial prison in Yuma and had some great food and campfires.

Happy New Year!
We quietly closed the door on 2021 and walked into 2022.
I have a lot of mixed feelings about how the last year evolved but it's safe to say I'm glad to see it go.
I have been telling everyone that it can't be worse, and I truly hope for the best in 2022.
Here's to a safe and healthy New Year with new adventures to come!

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