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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2012.
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December 30: Post-Merry Christmas!
The Christmas season is officially over (I'm taking down the decorations today).  We had a great time this year, we were lucky enough to have Eric and Monique travel over from California for the weekend before Christmas then we traveled down to Mesa for the weekend after Christmas to see Mike, Jeanette, and Madelyn.  We also were able to celebrate Madelyn's birthday (27th) while we were there, she is getting so big!
It was great seeing the whole family and grandkids (we even got to Skype with Evan).  Now we brace for the New Year, hard to believe 2012 is over with (and didn't end as the Mayan Calendar implied).  We'll be spending New Year's Eve at the Stetson Winery this year, that ought to be a fun time as they just opened up and are eager to get new customers.  Then we relax until I go back to work at Ivanpah on the 14th for a couple of months.
Happy New Year to everyone!!!

December 22: Merry Christmas!
The job at Ivanpah Solar Plant is over for this year and I have 3 weeks off!  I'm relaxing and resting up from the 4 weeks of work and looking forward to the Christmas season.
We have all the lights up, the house decorated, and waiting for Eric & Monique to travel over to spend this weekend with us...we're going to go down to Mesa next weekend because Mike was in a car accident earlier this week and his whiplash isn't worth taking on the road.  We were hoping to have both the boys here, but it's better he rests at home...we'll see them next weekend when we take a drive to Mesa and spend the evening for Christmas and Madelyn's 4th birthday!!!

November 23: Thankful
The job at PG&E has ended and I've been off for 2 weeks, what a long ordeal that was (upon reflection), but it was a good job and paid well.  It thought "retirement" was supposed to be a little different!  I don't mind working, and am thankful that I can still do it...but on my own terms.
I am starting the trainer job at Ivanpah Monday, 26 November.  The solar plant is just to the west of Primm (used to be called 'state line') and is about 1 1/2 hours drive from home.  I am going to train the operators before the plant starts up (late Spring of 2013).  The first contract is only 4 weeks but they indicated they want me back next year.  Sounds like it will actually be 'fun', and they pay me as well!

November 12: Home
Home from another 3 weeks, and am glad to say the job out there is over.  It was a long, hard, job...but I enjoyed many aspects of it...just good to have it behind me.  I may be working at a solar plant in a couple of weeks, we'll see if they like my terms and we may give it a go...a lot closer to home (1 1/2 hours) and a whole lot less stressful I'm sure!
We flew from California on Friday and spent a couple of days in Las Vegas for R 'n R.  Was able to see the band 'Asia' while there and made some money on the casino as's nice to sleep in my own bed again and Austin won't leave me alone...It's good to be HOME.

October 15: Updates...
Spent the weekend at Mike and Jeanette's place this weekend, it was lots of fun.  We were able to spend time with Madelyn at Mike's Gladiator Run and the Phoenix Zoo.  I put up new pictures in the slide show on the HOME page and updated the digital album.
I've got 1 week off, need to get lots of stuff done during this week because I'll be heading to California again this Sunday for my last 3 weeks of my contract.  Sure will be nice to wind down after that.

September 17: Web Server Move
I received an email from the site that hosts my web pages ( that they are moving the web server to a new facility.  The details (from them):

On 10/10/2012 at 5:00 PM PST we will be moving the server that you are hosted on. The move will take approximately 4 hours during which time your hosted services will be offline.

What does that mean to you???  "Not much", except if you attempt to access my web site from 5PM until about 9PM on the 10th (a Wednesday) you won't get a response.  Everything should be back in place within that time frame and you won't have to change anything to access it...

September 16: Ditto!!!
Got back home yesterday from a 3 week work session in California.  It was even nicer coming home this time...after being gone 3 weeks, I don't think I'm getting used to it...may have to cut back on this 'work' thing.
I've got a little over 2 weeks off, that'll be nice.  We're gonna catch a game at Dodger Stadium after that and then I'll be out in California for another 2 week period.

August 20: Home Again, Again!!!
Got back home Friday after being in California for another couple of weeks.  This time Mary was able to come with me for 1 week, so that was nice.It  We were able to celebrate our 39th Wedding Anniversary while there (went to Rosa's, our favorite Italian Restaurant - thanks to the gift card from Becky & Frank).
Speaking of which, we had the pleasure of hosting Becky & Frank at our house for almost a week at the end of July.  The weather was great, we had a couple of monsoons blow through and it kept the temperature down.  Of course, we did all the tourist stuff (I love that) including Bearizona (Williams, Az) and the London Bridge (Lake Havasu, Az).
I'm off this week and will be heading back to the left coast on Sunday for another 3 weeks of work (1 of 2 final trips).  We're looking forward to the end of this "work" adventure, really like the extra money but we're getting everything paid off so it's time to say Aloha to that job (in November).

July 28: Home Again!!!
Got back home yesterday from a 2 week period in California.  It sure is nice coming home again.
I've got a week off then going back to do it again for 2 weeks, luckily I'm coming to the end of this as I'll be done the first week of November and will have the rest of the year off to enjoy.

July 7: Madelyn's Dance
We attended Madelyn's Dance Recital in Mesa on Saturday, she was so cute and put in a lot of effort.  We really enjoyed seeing her, she is so cute and didn't seem to mind the attention.
There's a number of places to see the photos (and videos), you can go to any of the following locations from the TINLIN.NET HOME page to access this event:
(or use any of the links in the left hand column)

July 4: Independence Day
Today is the day we celebrate Independence as a nation, no longer ruled by a government that controls our freedoms.  I guess that didn't last long.
To celebrate this, I found a neat internet test that simulates the Citizenship Test every immigrant must pass in order to become an American Citizen (yes, it's aren't entitled just because you are here, there are certain lawful obligations you need to complete in order to become an American Citizen).
Check it out at THIS LINK and see if you can pass it!

July 1: Bass Lake
We returned from our week long camping trip to Bass Lake last night.  We have been going to this PSEA Camp Site since 1981, and have only missed 2 years in that time.  This year we drove the Travel Trailer up there (1000 mile round trip), what a great way to camp.  During the week, Eric & Monique visited for 3 was lots of fun.  Photos are in the 'Digital Photo' album.

June 16: Pismo Car Show
I am working in California and had the chance today to walk through the Pismo Car Show.  This is one of the largest shows on the coast and is held every Father's Day weekend.  Photos are in the 'Digital Photo' album.

June 8: Grand Canyon
Mary and I continued our "holiday" with Julie & Ken when they stopped at our home for a couple of days, after visiting Las Vegas.  We then took a trip to Williams, Az in order to ride the Grand Canyon Railway with them.  We have been to the Grand Canyon a few times before but never took the train up, something I always wanted to do.  We drove up to Williams via Route 66 and we stayed at the Railside RV Ranch, a real nice park right next to the tracks.  Photos can be seen in the 'Digital Photo' album.

May 28: Mexico Cruise
Mary and I just completed a 7-Day cruise on the Carnival Splendor last week, it stopped in Cabo San Lucas (2 days) and Puerto Vallarta, Mx.  We met up with Julie and Ken Weidner, a couple from Australia that we met on our last cruise (Alaska) on the ship and enjoyed a great week with them.
I just uploaded a bunch of pictures taken during the week in the 'Digital Photo' album.

April 1: Spring Training
Mary and I spent a 4 day weekend in the Phoenix area to watch Spring Training Baseball games.  We have been going every year and this time we actually went 2 separate weekends (we made a couple of games 2 weeks ago).
Take a look a the pictures of the weekend in the 'Digital Photo' album.

March 26: Zion National Park
Mary and I drove the RV up to Utah to spend the weekend at Zion National Park.  We met up with Ross & Lori Anderson and had a great weekend there.  We hiked a bit on Saturday and saw some awesome sites in the park.
Take a look a the pictures of the weekend in the 'Digital Photo' album....

March 20: Where's the time gone???
My mom reminded me that it's been awhile since I've updated the web site so here it is...  I've been busy doing some work in California for my old company, tidying up my finances so that I can really retire within the next 6 months!  It's not a bad gig, I work 8 hours a day (couple of weeks on...couple of weeks off).
We had a very interesting end to our winter, which was very non-eventful.  Just 3 days before the official 'first day of spring' we received 1-2 inches of snow (depends on where you were) in Kingman.  Take a look a the pictures I took during the day in the 'Our Home' album or click HERE...

100 Years Old
Arizona is celebrating it's Centennial anniversary on 2/14/12.  To commemorate this anniversary, they held a motorcycle rally from Mesa to the capitol in Phoenix on 2/11/12.  Needless to say, I had to be a part of this event.
I rode to Mesa with a group from the Rt. 66 Riders club and took part in the Rally.  It was a very long day (360 miles round trip) but it was worth it.  Take a look a the pictures and videos I took during the day in the 'Digital Photo Album'...

Atoms to Desert...
Mary and I took a trip up to the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas last month, just before another trip to California.  I've been wanting to go for a while and when Groupon posted half priced tickets, I couldn't resist.  Lots of memories there, based on my experience decades ago in the Nuclear Navy and at the training facility in upstate New York.
We also took a day trip recently to Quartzsite, Arizona.  This place is a pickers dream, all sorts of swap meet type setups (probably takes 2 days to see it all) and this weekend there was a car show.  We wanted to stay the night but I still haven't received the title for my trailer so this turned into a day trip.
Yep, pictures of the trips are in the 'Digital Photo Album'...

Trip to Portland, Oregon
I purchased a Keystone Outback Kargoroo (Toy Hauler/Travel Trailer) from Adventure Trading RV in Portland, Oregon.  Why Portland?  The price was really good, there is no sales tax in Oregon, so the trip was paid for...all I had to do was take the time to get there and pick up the trailer.
So, during the week of Jan. 8 I fueled up the truck and headed north.  It was definitely worth the trip, the people at Adventure Trading RV were excellent, the trip was uneventful, and the trailer is everything we wanted!  I logged 2200 miles round trip and actually got to stay in the trailer on the way back (overnight in Sparks, Nevada).  Yep, pictures of the trip are in the 'Digital Photo Album'...

Happy New Year 2012!
The new year is here and 2011 is gone, not a bad year by my estimation:

  • I Retired from PG&E (30+ years)
  • Mary & I moved to Kingman, Az
  • We spent lots of time with our Granddaughter, Madelyn
So now the New Year is here, remember to live life like it's the only one you have.
To get around adversity try these rules:
  1. Don't Try to Change People
  2. Learn to Tolerate
  3. Appreciate What you Have
  4. Put Distance Between You and Any Exceptions to Rules 1-3
Happy New Year!