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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2013.
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December 29: Madelyn's 5th Birthday
We went to Mesa for Madelyn's 5th Birthday.  She is getting so big and so smart about things.  We had her open presents in our motel room in Mesa (the 27th) and took her out to dinner at the Olive Garden, she wanted spaghetti and meatballs.  Mary wasn't too happy that she was eating someone else's meatballs, but Mary wanted to eat at Olive Garden as well.
On Saturday (the 28th) we went to her party that was held at the Phoenix Zoo, a lot of her friends were there and they shared cake, ice cream, & sandwiches.  We then walked around the zoo with her and Daddy to wear her out (I think it worked on both of us).
I just posted photos in the "Digital Photo Album".

December 14: Winter is Here
I think winter showed up a bit early this year, it's been colder than normal since just before Thanksgiving.  I've been working at Ivanpah again (Nov/Dec) and should wrap up just before Christmas.  I really enjoy working there but am looking forward to some time off as well.  We had Joe & Karen over for Thanksgiving dinner, was nice to have the family together.
We attended the Zumanity Cirque du Solei at the New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas for my birthday.  We spent Sunday and Monday at Harrah's and had a great time.  We are trying to get Mary to 'Diamond' level and are just about there.  The perks will more than make up for the money spent to get to that level.

October 26: Ooops!
I didn't realize it has been 2 months since I updated this Web Log.  I've been working at Ivanpah again (Sept/Oct) and pretty much haven't had much time to devote to things like this.
So, what have we been up to since my last post?  Well, we saw The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Solei in Las Vegas, spent a weekend in LA (end of Sept) to see the last Dodger games of the season, attended Amber and Ryan's Wedding Ceremony (Oct 19), and next week we'll spend the night in Vegas where I'm taking Mary to see the Donny and Marie show.
By the way, the album of some pictures I took at Amber and Ryan's Wedding Ceremony are in the Digital Photo Album.
I think I need some time off...

August 24: Cruising
Mary & I just finished a cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  We love cruisin' and wanted to take a short cruise to celebrate our 40th Anniversary so this was the best choice.  We had a great time and relaxed a LOT!.
Photos are up in the Digtal Album, with some cell phone shots on Facebook as well.

August 5: Home Sweet Home
We helped Joe & Karen move this past week.  We travelled from Wauconda, Illinois to Kingman, Arizona in 3 days (a total of 1800 miles).  We had a blowout on the trailer right outside of St. Louis but no further mechanical problems the rest of the way.
However, our hotel accomodations didn't go so well.  I used HOTELS.COM to make the reservations ahead of time because they were bringing their 3 cats with them (we had to have "pet friendly" accomodations).  The first motel was difficult to find, when I plugged the address into our GPS it took us to a residential neighborhood...not something you want to be doing at 11:30 PM after a long day of driving.  The next night the motel was closed due to hail damage a month prior...wonder why HOTELS.COM didn't notify us of the we spent 30 minutes getting that worked out (yep, 11:00 PM).  It made for some pretty long days but we slept real good!
Was very glad to get home and sleep in my own bed, there really is "no place like home"!

July 29: Vacation
Becky & Frank Geisler are visiting this week and we took a side trip to the Grand Canyon (photos in the Digital Album).
Next Tuesday we're heading for Chicago to help Joe & Karen finish packing and move out's gonna be quiet an adventure!

July 1: 1/2 Gone
Where has the year gone???  Seems like it was just yesterday that we were starting the new year, then Spring showed up and right after that we are on the other side of the mid-year "hump".  Wow, it sure has gone fast!
Just returned from our annual trip to Bass Lake.  I figured that this was our 30th time camping up there, we usually go near the end of June each year.  We started going in 1982 when I was first working for PG&E and have returned ever since (we missed on year when we traveled to Rome, Italy and one year we didn't go because of scheduling conflicts).  Oh, yeah, there are tons of pictures up on the Digital Photo Album of the trip.
Heading back to Ivanpah tonight for a couple of days work, then will be there next week...after that, hope to have another month off.

May 18: Relaxing...
Back from Ivanpah for the last 2 weeks (last weekend was crazy, we saw Foreigner on Saturday in Las Vegas and then a reception in Laughlin on Sunday).  This weekend we have NOTHING planned...a good weekend to relax.
We are going to check out the Wine Festival downtown today (Saturday), however...and then fire up the BBQ with some red oak for dinner!
Other than that, not much...I just updated the calendar if anyone is interested.

May 1: Back From Hawaii
Mary and I spent 10 days in Hawaii (Oahu and Maui), we wanted to have an extended stay because a week just isn't enough time and we were there to catch up with Ken and Julie (our friends from Austrailia).
I posted a bunch of pictures in a new Photo Gallery software I'm using, hope it works out...
We're just hanging out enjoying the beautiful weather here in Kingman as I will be going back to Ivanpah on Monday for about a month or so of training support.

April 9: Fun Week with Madelyn
We picked up our granddaughter Madelyn this past Sunday and she will be staying with us this week (I'll take her back to mom & dad on Friday).  We're having a good time, I think she's enjoying her time with grandma & grandpa.  We try to keep her interested in activities so she doesn't get bored, so good.
Weather was real nice until yesterday, we felt that Pacific storm through the a little rain and hail...didn't last long but a bit chilly yesterday and today, supposed to start warming up again tomorrow.

March 31: Happy Easter
Now that we are back from Spring Training, the 'vacation' continues.  I probably won't be returning to work until May, so I've got some time off to do stuff around the house.  Sure was nice to get the BBQ up and running again, sure missed that.
Weather has been nice here in Kingman, mid to upper 70s...haven't quite hit the 80 mark yet but it'll get there soon.  Time for more yard work...

March 18: Spring Training was GREAT!
Just back from a 4-day weekend in Mesa, where Mary & I attended MLB Spring Training.  We got to see our teams and spent some quality time with the famil, Madelyn even spent one night with us in our Hotel Room while Mom & Dad took advantage of the opportunity and had some time out with friends.  I just posted a bunch of pictures in the Digital Album (click on the link to the left).
Spent time relaxing here after the drive up from Mesa, need to get my honey-do's done around the house this week because we're heading back down there on Friday for another 4-day Spring Training trip...can't wait!

March 1: Spring is NEAR!
Here I am, back home after a week of work at Ivanpah.  Training is going well and I'm nearing the end of this contract.  I was asked to come back again in May, I'm going to do it because 1) I love the work, and 2) It's good money!
Spring Training has already taken off, we can't wait until we go to Mesa to see the Dodgers and Cubs.  I haven't even had a chance to see any games on TV yet, so that will be my first baseball of the year when we travel down in a couple of weeks.
Nothing much else going on, weather is getting warmer and I'm getting the itch to do some garden work...

February 23: Been awhile...
Haven't had a lot of time to update the status in awhile...been away from home the last 2 weeks and now back to finish my taxes and relax a bit.
The weekend before last we went to 'The Who' concert at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, it was a show of a lifetime and we were glad we made it.  Last weekend we took a quick drive to the coast so Mary could bowl in a 500 club tournament in Paso Robles, it gave us the opportunity to visit some friends we haven't seen in awhile and to see Evan, Eric, & Monique...that was lots of fun!
So I go back to Ivanpah tomorrow and will be working 4 day weeks until the 13th of March...then it's time for Dodger Baseball, Spring Training just started today and we can't wait to watch some games.

January 8: Home for the weekend...
Just back from my first work week back at Ivanpah and am I tired...must have relaxed too much during my time off or put in too many hours this week...either way I sure need the time off.
I'll be working at Ivanpah until the middle of March, when we have tickets for Spring Training for the Dodgers and Cubs.  We are really looking forward to the 2 weeks of baseball because in April we have a vacation scheduled for 10 days in Hawaii...the first REAL vacation I've taken since I retired from PG&E!!!
Not much else going on, just wanted to update our happenings and the calendar...back to relaxing!

January 1: Happy New Year!
Here we are, the morning after the New Year's Eve Celebration and what clever thing do I say?
Not much, really.  2012 was very good to us and we are sure 2013 will have more of the same.
Brace yourself for a fun ride, it'll be worth it!
I came up with the following statement the other day on seems appropriate:
The last day of 2012.  It was a very good year for me.
I'm not going to 'hope' 2013 is going to be a good year, I'm going to 'make' 2013 a good year!
Enjoy life and be fair, everyone get's a chance!
Happy New Year to everyone!!!