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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2014.
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December 30: Another Great Year!
We recently returned from a whirl-wind Christmas Adventure.  On Dec 23 we headed off for Hanford, Ca to stay the night and meet up with Eric, Monique, and Evan.  We were able to see them after arriving and then had breakfast at the Black Bear Diner (excellent food) before heading back to our room to celebrate Christmas.
We then headed off (now Dec 24) for the Central Coast to stay the night in Pismo Beach.  That night we celebrated with Frank, Becky, Melissa, and Jon.  Frank cooked us dinner and we opened gifts afterwards, not to mention tasting some excellent wine and mead.
We headed back down the road on Dec 25, pointed towards home.  Mary and I celebrated Christmas here in Kingman.
We then took off the next day (26 Dec) for Phoenix, to celebrate Christmas with Mike, Paula, Madelyn, and Summer.  We had the additional pleasure of celebrating Madelyn's 6th birthday (which was actually the next day), lots of fun!
The next day (27 Dec) we turned back towards Kingman to celebrate dinner and Christmas with Joe and Karen.
What a busy 5 days, over 1500 miles, 5 Christmas celebrations, and a birthday party!
I don't think we'll do this again for awhile, it took a lot out of us...but it was one of the best Christmases we've had in a long time!
Here's looking towards the New Year for another year full of happy times and travel!!!

November 22: Give Thanks...
Fall is here and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving next week, can't believe it's upon us and the year has passed so quickly.  It's still chilly in the mornings, we've been getting 35-37 degree mornings and it warms back up to the mid-60s during the day.  We just love the changes in seasons and it's nice having the sun out almost every day, gives you a lot of incentive to go out and do things on a daily basis.
We have most of the Thanksgiving dinner bought and hoping to have a house full next week, depending on family work schedules.
I have been going on a number of rides during the morning and just enjoying the weather here and on the road...can't wait to get back out.
Here's hoping everyone has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday, be careful on Black Friday...there are too many knuckleheads out there trying to save a buck.

November 7: Coolin' Off
Our summer travel and road trips are winding down, and now Fall is in full swing.  It's starting to get quite chilly here in the morning, but we're still enjoying 75-80 degree days.  Not much traveling planned for us in the next month or two, hopefully we'll have Thanksgiving with the family here in Kingman.
I've taken over administrative duties for the RT66 Riders web site, since we lost our web admin earlier this year.  It's a good way to give back to the club and get's me out there more often.  Check out the club at:

October 12: How's it goin', mate?
What a month!!!  We spent 3 weeks in Australia with our good friends Julie & Ken Weidner, traveling all over the southern part of the country (including Tasmania).  I can't believe how beautiful that country is and how much there is to see, we will have to plan another trip "down under" to visit more of that great country.
Less than a week after we returned from Australia we cleaned up the travel trailer and headed to Albuquerque for the annual Balloon Fiesta.  What a site, there were 548 balloons registered for the event and we saw at least 300-400 launch at once a number of mornings.  The RV park was right near the launch field so when we didn't make it into the park early in the morning to watch the launch, we could enjoy the balloons floating over top of us...almost close enough to touch!
I updated the slide show on the HOME page with a number of photos from Australia, but it's going to take me some time to get them all up in a proper slide show in the digital Photo Album here...

August 14: Happy Anniversary
We spent 2 nights in a real nice hotel in Sedona, Az for our 41st Anniversary.  We took a tour with the "Pink Jeep" company and thoroughly enjoyed's been awhile since I've done "real" 4-wheeling, this brought back some fun memories.  The tour was about 2 hours long and included some awesome sights around the Sedona rim.  Check out the photos I put in the Digital Album.  The area was nice to visit, we haven't been there for quite a few years and wanted to spend some time enjoying the beauty of the area, it was not a wasted trip!!!
Now we prepare for the International RT66 Festival this weekend.  It is being held here in Kingman this year and I'm sure we'll have crowds everywhere.  There's lots to see and do, I'm looking forward to the car shows and the special electric car exhibit at the Power Station downtown.  I'm sure there will be photos to follow.

July 16: Retired??? Again?!?
When we returned from our camping trip at Bass Lake, I decided to contact the company I consult through and let them know I'm done doing "real" work (as of August 31, had to give them some room because there may be a chance for me to do a couple of weeks' work in August).  It just seemed the right time to do this, the year is half over and I'm all done.
Since returning home from California we've been doing a lot of work getting ready for our trip in September, a lot more work than I expected...but that's ok, we'll be gone quite awhile.  Of course we took a weekend off in Las Vegas and got to see Queen in concert (with Adam Lambert), which was one of my most favorite concerts of all time.  The next day we rode the "High Roller" near Harrah's at night, which was quite a site.

July 1: Bass Lake 2014
We just returned from 10 days on the road in the RV.  This was the annual trip to Bass Lake where we camp at Wishon Cove for a week.  We broke up the 500 mile drive by stopping overnight at Tehachapi on both ends of the trip.  We had a great week in Bass Lake, relaxing on the lake and enjoying the company of Eric, Monique, and Evan (grandson).  Photos are posted in the Digital Photo Album.
Before the trip we went to Williams for a couple of days to make sure the RV didn't have any surprises for us, it was a great trip as well.  We are in the throes of planning our next trip, maybe to Zion National Park in Utah.
It's good to see summer back, very warm temperatures...for some reason this week we are having unusually warm weather (over 100) so that limits how much we can go out and do things, but we still keep ourselves busy.

April 30: Relaxing!
I'm still going on motorcycle rides, Mary is doing her State (Tucson, AZ) and National (Reno, NV) Bowling Championship trips.
Then we plan on driving out to the Central Coast the first week of May for a couple of days to visit and party, it's nice that we get to connect with other folks I worked with when they retire (even if they don't retire, it's good to meet up with them).
A couple more 'short' rides are in the books, doing a lot more with the video...if I keep this up I'll have to get some better camera equipment :-)

April 15: Motorcycle &Laughlin
I think we have finally settled in to retirement...I haven't worked since Christmas Eve (last year) and we have been enjoying the heck out of life since then.  It seems like we are constantly on the go, heading down the road on the motorcycle or going to Laughlin to gamble seems to top our list of favorite things to do these days.
I've increased the number of slides on the 'RECENT PICTURES' frame (above) to include a total of I can keep a lot of recent photos in there.  I am also trying to keep up with the updates on the web site with Short and Long Motorcycle rides, so if you don't frequent my Face Book page you can see the photos here!

April 8: Motorcycle Rides
Since I have been going on a lot more motorcycle rides than I used to, I realized that I had only been putting photos/videos on Face Book and my web site has been ignored...I just changed all that over the last 3 or 4 hours.  I added quite a few rides (over a 3 year span) to my motorcycle section here, just click on "Jim's Personal Stuff" over there on the left column and select "Motorcycles and Rides", there is a link near the top of the page for short and long rides (I updated both).
On second thought, I'll just add a couple of links to the column to save a click or two :-)

March 24: Spring Training
Mary & I just returned from a couple of weeks at Spring Training in the Phoenix area.  We went down one week to watch the Dodgers and the second week to watch the Cubs.  We had a great time at the games and was able to visit with Madelyn for a bit.  
The weather is getting better, day by day.  I've been going on lots of motorcycle rides with a couple of different groups and enjoying the weather and scenery.

March 6: Spring Has Sprung...
I have really been taking advantage of this "time off" from work thing and really enjoying myself.  I continue riding with the "Brunch Bunch" weekly.
Mary & I go over to Laughlin at least weekly to play on the complimentary slot rewards at 3 of the casinos.  We are also taking advantage of the Harrah's Hospitality in Las Vegas, they offer her 2 free room nights and $50 in slot play...all we have to do is show up.  The good thing is, we've been doing pretty well with our Casino Play and taking home some why not?!?
I just finished my garden the other day because the weather has been so mild, wanted to get a jump on spring since summer shows up so quickly here.
I still haven't worked since December, they were making noise about having me come back the first week of March but couldn't get their act together (I told them I can't wait around and turn off my personal life for the possibility of work) so now they are saying "maybe the end of March"...whatever.  Speaking of March, here we are...and we are getting ready for our annual Spring Training trips over the next 2 weeks.  I'm trying something a little different this year, one week will be attending strictly the Dodgers and the next week will be just the Cubs...I think that might be a bit funner.  We plan on attending 3-4 games each, so it'll fulfill our baseball needs until regular season starts.

January 29: Bike Weather
I haven't worked since Christmas Eve so I've been taking the time to relax and enjoy some motorcycle rides around the area.  I am riding with a group called the "Brunch Brunch", which is headed by a few folks I used to ride with about a year ago.  We usually ride at least 100 miles, Wednesday and Sunday.  So I have been trying to update the site with a photo from each trip.
Mary & I also attended the Cubs Spring Training Open House at the new stadium in Mesa on the 25th of this month, what a fun day.  It sure doesn't seem like winter to me...

January 11: Sailing Away...
Welcome to the New Year!  With the New Years, comes new changes.  So far I haven't heard any word of work, which is a good thing...but I expect I'll be going back to Ivanpah within the month or so.  My last work day was Christmas Eve and it's been very nice enjoying the time off.
I have been getting a lot of work done around the house, hard to do when you are working (and traveling when you're not working).  I'm starting to put travel plans together for us now, the usual (Spring Training) with the added bonus of spending September in Australia.
More news on our travels when they come to fruition.
Until then, we're just enjoying life (Life Is Good) and taking each day one at a time.