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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2018.
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November 26: More Travel!!!
Mary and I spent 3 nights in San Francisco, last weekend.  We got a real good deal on the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and had miles left over from previous travel, so it was a very reasonably priced trip for us.  We did a lot of walking around Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 the first day and traveling all around San Francisco the next day.
My highlight was visiting a number of roof-top bars at a number of hotels that I used to frequent when I was in high school (50 years ago).  I put together a slide show on YouTube for the trip, which you can see in the Digital Photo Album.

October 20: USN Reunions
Mary and I did a bit of traveling during the end of September, through the beginning of October.  We visited San Diego for a week for a reunion of the last ship I was stationed on, USS Mississippi CGN-40.  The first week of October we visited New Orleans for a week for a reunion of the AE/AOE Sailor's Associated because of the first ship I was stationed on, USS Mount Baker AE-34.
Both trips were a blast and we really enjoyed being in New Orleans again, we last visited there 30 years ago.  I put together a couple of slide shows on YouTube of each trip, which you can see in the Digital Photo Album.

August 18: Cruise!
FIRST: Mary's knee is doing much better, after her "manipulation" she has regained much of her flexion (bending of the knee) and is getting along fine (even without a cane).  She has been driving alone and doesn't have nearly the pain she used to have, such a relief.
SECOND: We just returned from a 5 day cruise in the Western Caribbean (stops in Cozumel and Progreso-Yucatan) and a 2 day visit with some of her family members that live near Dallas.  We celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary on this trip and really enjoyed the cruise.
I posted a lot of photos on my FaceBook page but also created a slideshow/video and uploaded it to YouTube. Click HERE to see the video.

July 13: Knee Update-Update
We returned from seeing the surgeon yesterday and she was happy with the extension (straightening of the joint) but wasn't terribly concerned about the lack of flexion (bending of the joint).  She says that the scar tissue probably formed improperly, preventing tendons and muscles from moving.  So this Tuesday we have an appointment to have the joint "manipulated", whereby Mary will be put out and they mechanically (brute force) move the joint so it breaks up the scar tissue, no cutting but she has to be out as she would not be able to handle the pain.  That should give her 15-20 degrees additional flexion, which is what we are working for...more detail to follow...

July 7: Knee Update
Well, as it turns out, Mary's knee isn't doing as well as the Therapist would like to see.  It's been 5 weeks since the operation and the Therapist says she should have at least 90 degree bend, she's lucky to get 80 degrees.  The Therapist put in a call to the surgeon and they called back and wants to see her early, so we go back to Flagstaff on the 12th to see what's the hold up.  To be honest, everyone is different and it is healing nicely, she just can't bend it as much as expected.  More to come next week
We did have a nice trip to Los Angeles to see a Dodgers vs Cubs series.  We were able to get disability seating for 2 of the games, one was very uncomfortable for Mary, and the last we gave to Mike and Paula so they could come see a game without me having to sell the tickets.  During that week we were able to visit with them, as well as Jaylynn, at Universal City Walk.
Last (but not least), I just got rid of my 2000 Kawasaki Voyager.  It has been a great bike over the years but mechanical problems and the unavailability of parts (and local competent repair shops) made it necessary for me to get rid of it.  I was going to part it out but a group of guys from Las Vegas work on this model bike and were willing to resurrect it and turn it over to a new owner, the best I could hope for.

June 19: Her New Knee
Mary finally went in for her left knee surgery on May 31st.  The operation was performed at Oasis Hospital in North Phoenix by Dr. Amber Randall.  Surprisingly, the total surgery time was around 2 hours and she came out of it well.  We stayed there for 2 nights until she was recovered from the surgery and then we drove home.  Completing Physical Therapy here at home in Kingman and she is getting better every day.

March 2018: Spring Training
Every year, for the last 30 or so, we have been traveling to Phoenix to watch MLB Spring Training.  Now that both of our teams play in the valley (Jim - LA Dodgers, Mary - Chicago Cubs) we have the good fortune of being able to watch our favorite team play in Spring Training...up close.  We usually catch 2-3 games for each team and this year we went on 2 different weekends in March so we could do just that.
It's always great fun because we both love baseball and we get to see our teams before the season starts.  Photos of the 2 weekends are in the Digital Photo Album.

March 4 2018: Reno/Tahoe and Spring Training
The last weekend of February, Mary & I took a couple of days to spend in Reno and Lake Tahoe.  Mary wanted to get extra points for her Total Rewards account at Harrah's and I haven't been in the area for quite some time.  We had a nice stay in Reno, Harrah's has an old but real nice casino/hotel there.  The rooms were very comfortable and the casino wasn't very crowded.  On our trip to Lake Tahoe, we didn't stay the night, our plan was to just gamble at Harrah's and Harvey's.  Unfortunately after our fun we had some knuckle-head back into us in a parking lot so that didn't make it so fun after that.
We had to get out of Reno early because a huge snow storm was on it's way and we didn't want to get snowed in.  We made it out with time to spare and the drive home was very uneventful.
This past weekend we took in 2 Dodger Spring Training Games down in Phoenix.  The games were great but the motel we stayed in was a little shoddy (Studio 6).  We won't be "enjoying" this facility again in the future.
I put photos up of our Reno/Tahoe trip in the Digital Album but I'll wait to put baseball photos up until after we get back from our planned Cubs Spring Training trip in 2 weeks.

February 9 2018: Superbowl Weekend
Harrah's Las Vegas provided us with a 2-night stay and entry into their Superbowl party last weekend.  It was a lot of fun, plenty of food, and a game that was actually a bit exciting.  I didn't have a dog in the fight but there was plenty of action to make it a good game.

February 1 2018: New Year!!!
Well 2017 is in the books and we've started another one, I'm sure 2018 will be as much fun for us as 2017 was!
We have a number of trips planned (again) this year and will be visiting some places we haven't been to in quite some time (stay tuned for updates).
Mary & I recently returned from a trip to Central Florida, where we had a very nice visit.  We toured a bit of the Central Florida area when I spent '60-'66 (grammar school days).  The weather was very nice the entire time we were there and the flights out and back were on time and even arrived early!  We decided to stay in Las Vegas after returning to "re-charge" from the trip.