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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2020.
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November: COVID and Cold Weather
The end of August I had to go to the Emergency Room because of a chest problem, turns out I had pneumonia and tested COVID-19 positive. I didn't think the illness was that bad but it was getting progressively worse and Mary talked me into going to the ER - good thing she did.
I ended up staying in the hospital for a week. They dosed me up with Steroids, Convalescent Blood Plasma, and Remdesivir which turned the infection around in about 4 days.
After returning home, it took about a month to fully recover (I lost 20 pounds while in the hospital). Luckily I don't seem to have any long term effects (one of the lucky ones).
The good news is that Mary never caught it from me, she has a history of lung problems and Asthma.
Since then, we have pretty much just stayed around the house since the pandemic seems to trending upwards again here in Arizona.
Now the fall weather is starting to settle in, yesterday we got about 1/2 inch of rain with a little sleet (this morning it was 31F when I got up).

July: Home Sweet Home
We finally moved into our new home!
In January we decided to have a new house built for us across town and as of July 8 it is all ours.
Moving is an adventure that I do not want to partake in again, we've collected 47 years of inventory.
We are now spending the days trying to organize and unbox all our stuff, quite the daunting task.
But we are happy with the home and are settling in.

I found a less expensive alternative for hosting TINLIN.NET so it'll stay around for a bit longer.
I will be limiting the content, since most of my information is on FaceBook and Instagram.
I have maintained this site for over 20 years and will hate to see it go so it's still here for the time being.

I have been struggling with the thought of closing this website.
It does cost a bit to host and maintain the domain TINLIN.NET.
I have rarely updated the site, except for this HOME page, so I am considering dropping the site all together.
I will probably keep the domain TINLIN.NET for some time but unless I can find a low cost location to host the site it will be gone as of June 15, 2020.
I have maintained this site for over 20 years and will hate to see it go but with most everyone using FaceBook, the cost and time to keep TINLIN.NET going just doesn't seem reasonable.

May: Same Same
For the last month we have been faithful to the CDC requirements (sound familiar), but it looks like restaurants are going to open up next week and things will slowly return to normal.
Not much to declare here, been watching our new house get built and holding back on the excitement for completion in July.
And, again, stay safe and healthy!

April: Quarantine
For the last month we have been faithful to the CDC requirements, staying at home and not going out where there are crowds of people.
We go out for groceries once a week and try to hit a local restaurant for take out lunch once or twice a week (to help the local economy).
So far we are doing well, healthy, and watching the statistics on a daily basis.
Looks like this will go another month, and we're good to go.
Stay safe and healthy!

March: My How Things Have Changed!!!
Mary & I had a nice trip to Florida in January to visit with my Mom.
The plane trip back was a bit of a wake up call because this new virus was spreading around China and the guy next to us on the plane was coughing like nobody's business.
So during the trip with this "cougher" we kept our distance and little did we know but this was going to signal a huge change in our lives for the next couple of months.
I always travel with medical masks so we were safe but here we are 2 months later and we may have dodged a huge bullet with our actions.
And now we are practicing "social distancing" in order to maintain a healthy life style, hopefully this'll be all over with in a few months but you just never know.
Stay safe and healthy!

January: New Year
We had a very busy December - Jim's birthday cruise to Catalina Island/Ensenada that we coupled with a 2-day stay in San Diego before.
Then we spent a couple of days in Las Vegas to round out the month.
And for Christmas we traveled to Phoenix to spend a few days with the family there.
So far this year we are looking at another busy month, a couple of over-nighters in Laughlin and Las Vegas and a 4-day trip to see my mom in Florida.
Happy New Year!!!