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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2021.
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We've been experiencing winter-like weather conditions for the last week or two, so it seems we are finally into our cold winter period.
We did a little traveling the end of November and first of December (Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sedona, Prescott), partly to celebrate Jim's birthday and partly to get out of the house for a bit.
We have 2 more trips planned in December (Phoenix and Las Vegas) before the New Year and an exciting (for us) announcement to come in January.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, Merry Christmas from Jim and Mary Tinlin!

Fall is Here!
The weather is slowly changing from our brutal summer heat to a very mild fall, which is one of the best times of the year here in Kingman.
October was a bit unremarkable, very little travel with the exception of one 2 night stay in Las Vegas and a 1 night stay in Laughlin.
We really don't have much planned until later this month, hopefully things will remain calm and people will stop being selfish.

September Travels
We were able to complete our trip to Savannah, Georgia this year (it was canceled last year).
Our original plans included a cruise from Jacksonville Florida to the Bahamas but it was canceled this year as well as last year because of the pandemic.
We were able to make the USS Mississippi CGN-40 reunion in Savannah, and we had a wonderful time there.
This was a new destination for us so it was a lot of fun to sightsee the area, with so much history on the east coast.
We also had time to drive down to Merritt Island in Florida and we had a nice visit and lunch with my mom.
Travel was not too bad, most of the people were following the rules and luckily no fist fights in flight :-).

August - Where did it go???
I am posting this update on September 1st and can't believe how quickly August came and went.
We though things would slow down a bit after all of July's travel and events, but that was not to be.
We were able to squeeze in a couple of trips to Las Vegas and Laughlin at the end of July and the beginning of August (for our anniversary of 48 years).
Then we attended Mike & Paula's wedding on the 22nd down in Gilbert (AZ), which was such a beautiful affair.
The ceremony and pre-wedding festivities during the week were off the charts and made us so happy to see them enjoy such a great ceremony with their family and friends.
We even squeezed in another trip to Las Vegas and Laughlin after the wedding for more anniversary celebrations.
We do have a trip planned for September (Savannah, GA), assuming the pandemic keeps slowing down (we will see).

July - Moving Along
The months of June and July have been a little busier, now that we started a little traveling.
We stayed a couple of nights in Las Vegas and all the tourists are back, it was incredibly crowded (even during the middle of the week).
In July we had Madelyn here at the house for a little visit then we went to California to attend the hearing where our Grandson's life started again (back in the Tinlin family).
We then spent a couple of days on the coast where we visited the beaches and just relaxed with the family.
More to come next month, Stay Tuned!

May - Beautiful Spring Weather
The month of May has been quite nice here in Kingman, the weather very mild and few days of hot weather.
Normally this time of year we routinely hit the high 90s and low 100s but that hasn't been the case this year.
Maybe we're getting some return for the crappy year we had in 2020.

April...Time to Travel?!?
Mary and I received our final COVID-19 Vaccination on April 1st.
Since 2 weeks have passed we are considered fully vaccinated.
We've been visiting Laughlin and Las Vegas about once a month and are ready to do some real travel.
We still have plans to travel to Savannah, GA for my USS Mississippi CGN-40 reunion in Setptember.
We also have a cruise to the Bahamas out of Jacksonville, FL scheduled right after that.
The way things are going, the cruise may be in jeopardy but we're still hoping to make the reunion.
Only time will tell.

March - In Like a Lion...
Mary and I were able to finally make an appointment for our COVID-19 Vaccination and we will get our second dose April 1st.
We stayed in Las Vegas a couple of days in February and it was dead quiet, but when we stayed in March it was another story, guess the pandemic is over.
We had the grandkids visit our home for a couple of days last month and last weekend we visited them down in Phoenix.
No big plans on the horizon for the next few months, we'll see how things progress after summer and into the fall before we have more extensive travel plans.

February: Quiet...
Not much going on this month, we spent a couple of nights in Las Vegas and one night in Laughlin - but that's all the traveling.
Just waiting on the weather to improve so we can start our garden outdoors, I have a couple of oak wine barrels that I'm going to use.
That's about it...

January: New Year
We ushered in a very quiet 2021 this year, with the pandemic and all...
We did spend Christmas in Phoenix with the family for a couple of days.
And just stayed a couple of nights in Sedona, with another day of hiking in the beautiful Red Rocks around the area.
Happy New Year!!!