Central Coast Earthquake - 22 December 2003

We lived throught a rather disturbing earthquake on December 22, 2003. The epicenter was approximately 40 miles north of our home here in Arroyo Grande and the earth started moving at 11:15:56AM.
I have collected a number of maps and images from that day, and others, mostly from the USGS Earthquake Site. Without this resource, we would have to rely on the news agencies for information...and we all know how accurate that was!!!
Day of the Quake
The Following Day
A Week Later
Shake Map
Map ~24 hours later
Shake Map for 4.2
Big Aftershock
Map ~48 hours later
Seismograph Results for 4.2
Seismograph Results

Some pictures of damage in the nearby town of Guadalupe HERE
An engineering simulation of the energy waves from the quake HERE
HERE are some other links about the quake...

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