Jim's Web World

"Let Me Help You Setup or Maintain Your Web Site"


Everyone wants a web page, but not everyone has the ability to make one.


I work with you to create a web page and/or site that YOU can update.

Don't Wanna?

I can maintain your web page and/or site for you.

About Me

I have been working with the Internet since before it was the Internet (1969-70). I have decades of experience in computer hardware and software setup and maintenance. Although I work full time with a "real job", I do Web work because of my interest in computers and networking. The following lists my accomplishments in this area:

I can support Web Page development / update anywhere on the internet, however I only support the local Kingman area with my service calls.

If you are interested, use the Contact link above to get ahold of me and we can talk about your needs.

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