Oxford Sunset v1.0

About Oxford Sunset

This is a simple, accessible, standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict-validating template for free open source use, although credit where credit is due would be much appreciated. The template is only one way of creating a two-column layout, and it can be easily modified to your liking.

It works in all tested browsers and scales down to 800x600 resolution with no problems at all.

The header image is a 1600 x 150 image that is contained in the #header div, which has overflow: hidden applied to it. This means that the header image will scale up to a browser width of 1600px.

Please give feedback on this template to danabrey@gmail.com.

Example of styles

Here's an h1

And an h2

And maybe an h4 (h3 is the news headings)

"Here's a blockquote from someone famous or something." Dan Abrey

You've already seen some links, but here's another one anyway.

This could be a news item..

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