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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2010.
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November 30, 2010: Dodger Stadium
I forgot I had video'ed our tour of Dodger Stadium earlier this month.  Take a look in the Digital Album for the link.

November 29, 2010: Thanksgiving
We spent Thanksgiving week at the house in Kingman with the family.  I put pictures and videos in the Digital Photo Album and Tinlin Family Page.  What a great time we had, and we got to spend almost all week with our Granddaughter...something to be grateful for.

November 16, 2010: IN-N-OUT
The city of Arroyo Grande steps into the 20th Century by opening it's very own In-N-Out burger shop.  This takes over the long closed Sizzler location, which shut down when hard times hit the economy a couple of years ago...I'm glad to see this place open, can't wait for my Double-Double Protein Style.

November 6, 2010: Wake Up!
The outage at Diablo is over and I worked my last nightshift last night (got home at 6:30AM) after over 6 weeks.  It was a long-hard outage, and I am trying to revert back to 'dayshift' hours, getting up at 12:15 should help me...I think I'll sleep pretty good tonight after having a little less than 6 hours of sleep today...

September 27, 2010: WARNING!!!
We spent the weekend taking another load over to the house in Kingman, using a Budget rental truck.  What happened next is a real story...
We rented a Budget truck because they had reasonable rates and I could get the AARP discount.  We dropped it off yesterday (they were closed) after filling up the tank (to the point of spilling out on the concrete).  Today I get a call saying it's a whole tick mark below full and they need to charge me to fill it up and an additional $30 "service fee" to do so.
The agency representative was rude and wouldn't let me talk (reminds me of someone no longer with us), talking over me and finally hanging up on me.  So I called Customer Service and told them about the situation, they are going to see how much they actually put in the tank (what the gas charge is) and refund me the service fee, if necessary.
So, here's the learning point:  when you drop off a vehicle (at least with this agency), make sure there is an agency representative there.  Since they won't believe you, nor accept your receipts as proof of your actions to meet the contract, they blame you for not filling it up and preventing them from renting it out until it is filled (even going to the ridiculous point of telling me to come over there, a 7 hour drive, to fill it up for them).
I think Budget's Customer Service was reasonable about helping me but the local agency representative was a complete ass about it.  I clearly had no recourse and they even gave me a bogus fax number to send the receipts to (which didn't work) and when I called them back they changed their tune and said I had to fill it up (period).  I will NEVER do business with that agency again (Hilltop Car and Truck Rental, which is actually a pawn shop that does truck rentals on the side).
Beware of people who do business like this, greed is what got our economy where it is today and jerks like this don't need our business...

September 6-17, 2010: Alaska Cruise
Mary and I took the Carnival Spirit cruise ship from Seattle on a cruise through Alaska and ended up in Vancouver B.C.  What a great week and a half, I took almost 1000 pictures and videos and finally have them on the web site...go to THIS LINK or use the 'Digital Photo Album' link on the left.

September 5, 2010: Santa Maria Airport
Mary and I flew to Las Vegas last weekend to do some work on the house in Kingman.  While waiting for our flight in Santa Maria, we saw some pretty awesome stuff...check THIS out!!!

August 14, 2010: Morro Bay
Eric played in a softball tournament with his team from Visalia this weekend.
I went to Morro Bay to watch a couple of his games.  Pictures at the games can be seen by clicking on the "The Tinlin Family" or "Digital Photo Album" link in the left hand column.

August 13, 2010: Friday the 13th!!!
You're not going to catch me doing anything dumb today, especially not something I'll certainly regret later :-)
Mary & I took a bus trip down to LA from the Oceano/5-Cities Elks Lodge to watch the Washington Nationals play the Los Angeles Dodgers last Sunday.  Since it was a very hectic week for me I didn't get an opportunity to upload the pictures/ I just got around to it today.
Pictures and movies of the game can be seen by clicking on the "Digital Photo Album" link in the left hand column.

July 31, 2010: AG Car Show
Mary & I walked around the Village of Arroyo Grande today because the AG Car Club was having it's annual car show.
Pictures are in the "Digital Photo Album".

July 25, 2010: Red Rocker!!!
Mary & I went to the MidState Fair in Paso Robles last night to see Sammy Hagar in concert.
It was a cooler day than normal, and really got chilly by the time the concert started.
I posted pictures and a video in the "Digital Photo Album".

July 9/10/11, 2010: Cubs vs. Dodgers
Mary & I spent the weekend in Los Angeles watching baseball.
We were able to see 3 of the 4 games between the Cubs and Dodgers.
I posted pictures in the "Digital Photo Album".
What a great weekend!

July 3, 2010: A Week Off...
Mary & I just got home from a very nice week in Laughlin/Kingman/Vegas.
We went by the house in Kingman and inspected the final work on the Kitchen, did a little more work and headed to Vegas for the remainder of the week (yeah, Mary paid for the trip while in Laughlin).
When we were in Las Vegas we got to spend the day with Mary's sister Carla and her husband Bernie.  We did some walking around Caesar's Palace Forum Shops and the Fremont Street Experience.  I posted pictures in the "Digital Photo Album".
We also got to spend the afternoon with Ross Anderson, a long-time friend that now lives in Las Vegas.  Thanks to Ross for a nice afternoon, the pool, and a great recommendation for an Italian Restaurant for dinner (our pleasure).

June 19, 2010: Pismo Car Show
Pismo Car Show returns for it's weekend Father's Day run in Pismo Beach.
Mary and I took a walk down there this morning and I've posted some pictures in the "Digital Photo Album".

June 18, 2010: Geek
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Decode HERE to find out what it says...

May 31, 2010: Michigan Trip
Returned home yesterday from a week long trip to Michigan for a business trip.
Mary was able to go with me so I've posted pictures of the trip in the "Digital Photo Album".
Since our flight was delayed in Phoenix on the way back, we were able to meet up with Madelyn and her family for a good portion of the also in the "Digital Photo Album" or in "Madelyn's Photo Album"

May 14, 2010: Illinois Trip
I was able to get the time to put up pictures from the trip to Illinois last week.
Click on either the 'Tinlin Family Album' or 'Digital Photo Album' link to see them.

May 2, 2010: Stuff...
Mary and Jim just arrived back from another trip to Kingman/Laughlin, pictures are up in the Digital Photo Album.
We also got word Friday night that Mary's mom passed away and we will be flying out tomorrow morning to visit family and attend the services.

April 28, 2010: Calendars...
I wasn't real happy with the FLASH Calendar I put up, so I went back the old one.

April 9, 2010: More Spring Fun
We visited Mike, Jeanette, and Madelyn during Spring Training and I just got the pictures updated of that trip.  See Madelyn's pictures in her Photo Album or click HERE.
I also posted pictures from the Spring Training Baseball Games we attended in the Digital Photo Album or click HERE.

April 4, 2010: Wrestlemania XXVI
While in Phoenix, Jim took Mike and Jeanette to Wrestlemania (it was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium).  Check out the crowd in the photos that I just published in the Digital Photo Album.
I also pitched to Mike during a softball Home Run Derby at the Field of Dreams Park near Mesa, Az.  Check out the pictures and movie in the Digital Photo Album.

March 21, 2010: Lunch at Morro Bay
Mary and Jim took the afternoon off to have lunch at the Hofbrau at Morro Bay (a great sandwich shop right on the water front).  I took a few photos and put them in the Digital Photo Album.

March 13, 2010: Evan
Mary and Jim drove over to Visalia to visit with Evan this weekend.  I took a few photos of the day, you can see them in either Evan's Photo Album or the Digital Photo Album.
We also got to watch Eric play in a softball tournament, there are pictures in the Digital Photo Album.

March 5, 2010: Nojoqui Falls
Last Sunday Jim, Mary, Eric and Lauren took a trip to Nojoqui Falls Park to see the falls.  Since we've had so much rain lately, I thought it would be an interesting sight.  I just got time to upload the pictures, check them out in the 'Digital Photo' Album.

February 27, 2010: Tsunami
There was a large earthquake in Chile this morning and a Tsunami watch was established for the California Coast.  It was reported the surge was going to hit Port San Luis at 12:30 so we headed down to Avila Beach to see what would happen.  Check out the photos in the 'Digital Photo' Album.

February 14, 2010: Home Work II
Just drove in from Kingman, after another 3 days in Kingman.  Finally finished with the painting of the living room, entry, hallway, and dining room.
Check out the photos in the 'Our Home' or 'Digital Photo' Albums.

January 18, 2010: Dates...
I received an email from Joe that had links to navigate to a web site and display information about the year.  I took that email and turned it into a web page because I didn't want to lose the information.  See the web page HERE.

January 17, 2010: Home Work
Just drove in from Kingman, we spend the last 3 days over there working on the new house.  We wanted to get the living room painted, and we were able to accomplish that (and a lot more).
Check out the photos in the 'Our Home' or 'Digital Photo' Albums.

January 10, 2010: Monarch Butterflies
Every year, from October to February, the Monarch Butterflies make a grove of trees their home in Pismo Beach.  I went down there today to snap a few photos of the activities...
Check out the photos in the Digital Photo Album.

January 10, 2010: Christmas Tree Burn
For over 25 years I have organized a Christmas Tree burn down on the beach.  This year it didn't happen...lots of reasons, but the major impact was due to the changes in rules by the Forestry Service and attitudes of the Rangers at the beach (it's not as fun as it used to be).
We had had some great turnouts over the years and I really enjoyed the support from everyone that showed up and brought a tree or just came to watch.  It was LOTS of fun.
So, unfortunately, it looks like another tradition has been lost...but at least it won't be another bogus reason for "global warming."

January 9, 2010: Nice Sunset
A mild low pressure area came across the area most of this afternoon and cleared right before sunset.  I took these pictures by the house, the sunset shining up into the lower side of the cloud layer.


January 8, 2010: Better Late than Never...
Although we returned home from Mike/Jeanette's house last weekend, it wasn't until today that I realized I had not uploaded pictures that we took of Madelyn and the family on her birthday.  I added the photos to the Digital Photo Album and Madelyn's Album.

She Loves Her Cake
(Cell Phone Pic from Mike/Jeanette)

January 6, 2010: A New Year
Mary and I spent some time in Arizona with Mike, Jeanette, and Madelyn during the Christmas Holiday.  We had a great time and I put a lot of pictures up in the Tinlin Family and Digital Album pages.
Here's to a new year and good riddance to the garbage from last year!!!