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This is the 'archive' of my annual announcements and information for 2011.
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Christmas 2011: Peace and Good Will!
Mary & I had a visit from Madelyn the weekend before Christmas, she stayed at our home in Kingman.  On Thursday we drove down to Mesa to spend Christmas weekend with her mommy and daddy, we had a great time and an excellent dinner the night before (Mike got a new charcoal grill and we cooked tritips). We had a great Christmas day and then headed back on the road for home, what a great way to spend Christmas!!!  I just posted pictures of our trip up to the Hualapai Mountains with Madelyn (to play in the snow) and our Christmas morning with the family).  Pictures can be viewed from either 'The Tinlin Family' or 'Digital Photo Album' links on the left of the TINLIN.NET home page.

December 3, 2011: Back from California and Laughlin
I returned from a short stay in California (for work) on Wednesday and Mary talked me into a trip to Laughlin for my birthday that Mary & I drove over to Laughlin after a bit of shopping in Bullhead City and spent the night at Harrah's.  We had a great time and an excellent dinner at an Italian Restaurant in the Colorado Belle (Mangia) that we have not tried yet.  Very good food there! So we gambled a bit and before I turned in for the night I decided to try my luck on a penny slot machine, since I somehow made $100 last all afternoon and night at the blackjack table (until it slowly disappeared).  So I sit down at this penny machine and start playing a little bit with very little response, then I decided to just hit the "MAX BET" button and hit a couple small returns and then when I was down to my last couple of bucks I hit the 3rd tier jackpot ($103)!!!  This was a sign to call it a night, I walked away with just over $3 profit on the evening and a whole lot of points on my player's card...can't beat that!

Thanksgiving 2011
Mike, Jeanette, & Madelyn traveled up here to Kingman for Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a great time with them over the weekend...Eric didn't make it because he had to work with his new job, which we are also thankful for!  Pictures can be viewed from either 'The Tinlin Family' or 'Digital Photo Album' links on the left of the TINLIN.NET home page.

November 18, 2011: Chicago Trip
Mary and I enjoyed vacation at her brother's house in a Chicago Suburb.  We were able to tour Wrigley Field, visit her parent's cemetery, and Zion (where my commercial nuclear career started over 32 years ago).  Pictures are posted in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

November 5, 2011: Clean Up
I don't believe how long it's been since I've archived the photos on this web site (over a year ago).  This morning I spent some time cleaning things so the 'Digital Photo Album' page is a lot smaller, some were moved to the 'Digital Photo Album Archives', and the rest were removed.  I just posted some new pictures of the morning snow residue, we had a Pacific storm come through last night with lots of precipitation and that turned to snow because of the low temperatures here.

October 27, 2011: Zoo Review
Mary and I spent the weekend in Mesa with Mike, Jeanette, and Madelyn before flying to California.  That Saturday we went with Madelyn and Jeanette to the Phoenix Zoo for the "Breakfast With Dora", it was lots of fun.  I just posted pictures of the day in "Madelyn's Photo Album" and the "Digital Photo Album".

October 18, 2011: Back Home!
My last note said we were busy, well it didn't stop then...after returning from Mary's birthday we've seen B.B. King and Elton John in concert.  Lots of fun, Mary really liked B.B. King...wasn't sure if she'd enjoy it, but said it was a great concert.  We just returned from a week in California for my Consulting Job and now back home doing work on the computer...  Thank goodness we're gonna stay around the house for a few weeks now, heading out to Chicago to visit Joe and Karen and returning for a Rod Stewart concert after that!  Now if I can just find someone to put in that concrete pad and artificial grass in the back yard I'll be all set for fall and winter cookouts!

September 25, 2011: Busy...Busy...Busy
Just came back from a great weekend in Laughlin to celebrate Mary's birthday.  She had a great time at Harrah's and we enjoyed the Italian Festival on Friday between the Colorado Bell and Edgewater casinos.  Our schedule is heating up, with a trip to California and 2 concerts in October.  It's good to be retired, even though I'm working from home (mostly) on a project...we have more time than ever to do the things we've wanted to do.

September 10, 2011: 9-10-11
Madelyn is finishing up her stay with us here in Kingman.  She's been here since Tuesday and we are having a great time.  It's so nice that her mom and dad allow her to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for times that you cannot replace!  She is growing up so fast and learning things every day, we're hoping she'll remember this when she is older...we certainly won't forget.

August 18, 2011: Meadview, Arizona
Mary and Jim drove up to Meadview to take a look at the eastern shore of Lake Mead.  It's about an hour drive north of Kingman, the views were very nice...I'll bet it'll be nicer in the fall and spring.  Pictures of the day trip are in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

August 8, 2011: Weekend in Mesa
Just returned home from a great time in Mesa (Mike and Jeannette's place).  We watched Madelyn swim, enjoyed Jeannette's Birthday, and got to see a baseball game in the D-Backs stadium (Chase Field).  Pictures of Madelyn and Jeannette in 'The Tinlin Family' section and the baseball game in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

July 24, 2011: Craft Fair
Jim and Mary drove up to Hualapai Mountain Park (about 10 miles south of town) to check out a Craft Fair being held there.  We found some neat stuff, and even bought some of it.  Pictures are in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

July 20, 2011: Frank & Becky Visit
Frank and Becky drove out from Arroyo Grande to visit us in Kingman for a few days.  We took them around the area and showed them some 'tourist stuff'.  Pictures are in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

July 6, 2011: Wine/Cars
After we drove back from dropping off Madelyn with her mommy and daddy, we went downtown to a wine tasting at The Cellar Door.  We had a fun time checking out Arizona wines (the Tempranillo was great) and had the extra benefit of walking through a car show afterwards.  Pictures in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

July 9, 2011: More Pictures...
I just uploaded a ton of pictures from the week, lots of family was over and we did lots of things.  So check out the weeks worth of pictures in the 'Digital Photo Album' or 'TINLIN Family Page'.

July 2, 2011: Late Breaking News...
I am catching up on my duties and found I didn't post pictures of Madelyn when we were in Mesa.  So check out the pictures in the 'Digital Photo Album' or 'TINLIN Family Page'.

July 1, 2011: Independence
Well, we've been living in the Kingman home for almost a month now and just absolutely LOVE IT!!!  We can't believe how nice the weather, people, and area is...  Mary is starting to get rooted, finding someone to do her hair and nails and she's even got people vying for her skills on a bowling team already.  I'm almost on a first name basis with the staff at Home Depot.  All the vehicles are now registered in Az and we both have Az Drivers' Licenses...I guess that makes us official!
We're excited that Joe and Karen are flying out from Chicago to spend a week out here.  We are also going to have the rest of the family over this weekend for Independence Day BBQ...that should be lots of fun!

June 18, 2011: Moving...done!!!
We are finally done with "the move."  We had the last of our furniture and belongings shipped last week (picked up on the 8th and delivered on the 12th).  It was an adventure, for sure, but we are glad the hard part is over.  Now comes the never-ending task of putting everything back in it's place at the new house.  We did a cannon-ball run back to the coast this past Thursday/Friday to pick up the remainder of our stuff (the movers wouldn't pack aerosols, oils, etc) and to ride my motorcycle over.  It was a very uneventful trip, thank goodness, but we are both sore from the experience.  Now we get to relax a bit, and are heading down to Mike & Jeanette's house to celebrate Father's Day with our granddaughter, what a life!

June 5, 2011: Moving
Here it is on a rainy Sunday morning in Arroyo Grande.  We are going to welcome the movers this week (for our final furniture move) and finally head home to Arizona later in the week (depends on how long it takes to clean up the house)...we still haven't sold the house yet, but interest is picking up.

May 28, 2011: Retirement II
I finished up my job for the outage at DCPP, so I am now unemployed again.  That was a tough one...I think I'll take a few months off before actually thinking of working again.  As it turns out, Mary and I went to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival today (I had to stay up somehow).  Pictures in the 'Digital Photo Album'.

April 24, 2011: Retirement - Still
Mary put together a great retirement party at the Elk's Lodge in Oceano.  Lots of folks that I worked with over the last 30 years showed up and we had a great time.  Pictures of the party are in the 'Digital Photo Album' or 'TINLIN Family Page'.

April 2, 2011: Retirement!!!
My last day of work as a regular PG&E employee was this past Thursday, March 31.  It was different than any other day for me, I had trouble sleeping...but couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I have been thinking about retirement for a L-O-N-G time but it never quite felt 'real'.  Now it is.  We had a little 'get together' at Mr. Rick's after work, a small tradition for those that have been around awhile, and I enjoyed the time.  I woke up the next day, after a very sound sleep, feeling really good about life again.  My first retirement check hit the bank, I didn't have to worry about getting a call in the middle of the day from work, and only had one focus for the day's agenda (my own).  Today is day #2 of retirement and I have lots of positive directions to start working (so many plans, so little much time) is all worth it!

March 14, 2011: Baseball Spring Training
Mary and I are presently in Arizona, for our annual trip to the valley of the sun to watch Baseball Spring Training games.  We're staying with Mike, Jeanette, and Madelyn for the 2 weeks we are here.  Having a great time and taking lots of pictures.  I'll try to update the Digital Photo Album as often as I can...

March 5, 2011: Update on Gas Price!!!
Same gas station, 24 hours later...  price goes up 10 cents a gallon

Kiss My gass!

March 3, 2011: Here We Go aGain! there's stuff going on in Libya and the "we" see the impact in California...  Here goes the gas prices......

Kiss My *ss!

February 22, 2011: Another a Long Weekend
Just returned from another weekend in Kingman.  We spent it with Mike, Jeanette, & Madelyn.  Eric came with us as well.  We were also glad to have Mary's sister Carla and her husband Bernie down from Las Vegas for a couple of days.  I BBQ'ed some TriTip and sausage on Saturday night and we just hung out the rest of the weekend.  I put some pictures in the Digital Photo Album of the weekend.

January 30, 2011: Back From a Long Weekend
Just returned from a nice, relaxing week in Kingman, Laughlin, and Las Vegas.  We spent a couple of days relaxing in Laughlin, put in a little time at the house in Kingman, did some sight seeing, and then headed back to Las Vegas to visit with Mary's sister and her husband (thank goodness we had a long weekend).  Flying via Allegiant to Las Vegas is so efficient and economical, I hate driving the car that distance unless we really need this time we just flew (1 hour each way and it cost us about $100 round trip each).  I put some pictures in the Digital Photo Album of the trip up Hualapi Mountain in Kingman and through Oatman on the way back to Laughlin.

January 17, 2011: Monster Trucks...
Eric got tickets to the Monster X Tour in Fresno, so Mary and I went over to spend the night in Visalia to watch the show and see Evan.  I put a bunch of pictures and videos in the Digital Photo Album of the show and visit with Evan the next day.

January 7, 2011: Updates...
I just uploaded photos and movies of our Christmas Vacation with the kids and grandkids.  We got to spend time with Evan and Eric on Christmas Day and then a good part of the week with Madelyn, Mike, and Jeanette.
See the pictures/movies at the Digital Photo Album.
We put our California house on the market, BUY THIS HOUSE!!!

For Sale

January 4, 2011: A New Year!!!
Mary and I returned yesterday from a great trip around the west, visiting with family.  We got to spend time with Evan and Eric on Christmas Day and then a good part of the week with Madelyn, Mike, and Jeanette.
The kids are certainly fun to be with, it's a shame we are not allowed the opportunity to be with our other grandchildren. Evan is talking so much and has such an infectious personality.  He played for hours with the large lego blocks we gave him.  He is so funny when he falls over and says "I'm OKay!".
Madelyn is growing up to be such a smart and happy princess.  She has such great potential and intuition.  It's so fun to just sit with her and talk, we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with her and look forward to more time in the future.
The house in Kingman is just about finished, we only have one more appliance to replace in the kitchen (dishwasher) and move the other half of our furnishings in.  It is so nice staying there, as Mary put it "This feels so good".
Here's wishing everyone a prosperous New Year and hope you get what you wish for...I know I will 8-)