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Many of us get in the stream of 'forwarded' e-mail from our friends/family/co-workers. This e-mail has unknown origins but floats around the internet for years. I get some of this and thought it would be neat to immortalize some of this e-mail by saving some of the better ones.
CAUTION: Some of this humor may be crude or offensive, it's your choice to view it!

Knowing Jack
Button that Lip!
Interesting Trees
Good Doggie!
Office Humor #1
Office Humor #2
Office Humor #3
Office Humor #4
Office Humor #5
A Natural Wonder
Real Sign?
Buy A Vowel
Grow a Foot?
Pay For War
Shuttle Debris Trail
Think She's Pissed?
Things Not Seen
Chrysler Tomahawk
Cat Cut
Topless Dancers
This Cat Saw You Naked
Tarzan's Yell
In the Clouds
A/C Service Truck
Bum has the right idea
Why people buy Corvettes
Gas Prices are Up!
Restaurant Advertising
Another Restaurant
Hillary Holds Her Own
KFCs Hillary Special
Thirsty Bikers
Should've Used a Better Font
Mouse Going for the Cheese
Mouse on Mouse
The New Michael Jackson
The Perfect Woman?
PacBell Ad
PixyStix Ad
FedEx Ad
Planters Peanuts Ad
Polishing Service Ad
Your President on Drugs
Puppies and Restaurant
Women Drivers
His 'n Hers Motorcycles
7 Best Sleeping Positions
Martha's New Room?
There's a Spy Here
Blond License Plate
African Version of Shade
Painted Military Rock
T-Shirt Contest
Halloween Crack
More Female Body Art
Cash this at Von's
And Use this Coupon
That's a Big Cactus!
Drive Carefully!
Keep Out Out
This Cat is Done
Don't Do Drugs
Crack Officer
Crack Book
Keep Dogs Out
Keep Objects Out
Oh, My, God!!!
Translation Problem
Divorce Final
Female IT Experts
Amazing Pictures
Somebody Lose a Plane?
Airplane Runway
Why Men Shouldn't Babysit
Natural Beer Cooler
Bomb Tech
Cajun Palm Pilot
Not a Good Fortune
Sign at Golf Course
A Real Hot Dog!
Kitten Sleeping and Warm
Not Now Kid!
Letter to Airline Captain
Pilots Not Paying Attention
Lots of Cats
When to use F-Word
Paperless Toilet
YOUR Job Sux?
Sidewalk Art
Too Much Stress?
Big Burger
Egg Art
Big Fish Story
Stick Figure Olympics
Buy off eBay?
Bad Animal Cloning
Halloween Pictures
Sisters Getting a Drink
Texas Justice
New Kawasaki Motorcycle
Cat Safety
Falling Girl
Hurricane Car (look at speed)
Beer Fridge
Transparent Butterfly Wings
Brokeback 2
Why Speed?
Newspaper Articles
Kids Books
End of the Rainbow
Chances of Winning an Argument
Hazardous Material
If Time is Money...
Political Statement
Beer Prayer
Baloon Art
Beer Ad
Nature's 'Organs'
Monkey Butt Tatoo
Coffee Art
New $5 Bill

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