Jim's Motorcycles

I have been riding motorcycles for over 5 decades,
and thought I'd create a little tribute to my passion.

Pictures of Short 'Local' Rides and Events/Long Rides

My first 'Touring' bike was a 1990 Kawasaki Voyager, I had it a little over a year before buying a 2000 model (pictured here) that I still own today.
HERE are some pictures of my Voyagers.

The first Voyager XII came out in 1986, with an in-line 4 cylinder power plant. At that time a Voyager 1300 (a 6 cylinder beast) was also being produced. Kawasaki continued with the 1300 until 1988. The XII of today is virtually the same machine as the '86. Kawasaki changed the seat about 1993, added a cruise control in '87, and changed the windshield a couple times. The machine has been a very dependable ride and is the best for the money even today. They have changed the color almost every two years. In 2003 they did not produce a Kawasaki Voyager XII, with claims to completely re-design the bike for future release. So far...nothing.

I've done a number of modifications to my bike: Chrome Light Bar and Driving Lights, Cobra Exhaust Pipes, Kuryakyn Highway Pegs, Markland trailer hitch, and a SuperBrace fork brace...

Ever been a recipient of bad judgement??? Here's some photos to prove that I'm not immune to stupidity...

I have been saving 'tidbits' of information about parts for Voyagers, check this Alternate Parts List for info...be advised:
If you are looking for parts I would say your best bet is to try the AVA site (below).

Interested in a Voyager Club???
AVA - American Voyager Association Club
NorCAL AVA - Northern California Voyager Club
HERE is a Voyager Club on Yahoo

My first 'Cruiser' bike was a 1988 Honda Shadow (VT800C). This particular model was only produced in 1988, and I still have the bike to this day. I am trying to restore it (I rode it many years on the coast, and the rust has taken over) and am looking for parts to help me out. Take a look at THIS page for parts info on this bike.

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